Santa Clara's Growing Zone: 9

Our records indicate the United States Department of Agriculture has given Santa Clara a growing zone designation of 9. Sometimes called the planting zone, this rating gives you an idea of what plants can and cannot grow in the area's climate. If you are looking for indoor/outdoor plants suitable for growing in the area, head on over to our page on plants that grow well in California.

The USDA growing zone is 9 in Santa Clara. Understanding your growing zone is very important because it is a measure of the lowest temperature that a plant can survive, helping you to decide what plants would grow best in your particular climate. Since Santa Clara is in growing zone 9 this means that plants there can survives temperatures as low as 19 degrees Fahrenheit. Plants chosen for Santa Clara's climate should be chosen with this in mind or plants should be moved inside to keep their core temperature in the right range if necessary.

Geography Facts For Santa Clara

Primary Zip Code: 95050
Population: 36,335
Longitude: -121.95
Latitude: 37.35
Land Area: 5.25 square miles
USDA Growing Zone: 9
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