Growing A Hydroponic Garden

Hydroponic gardens aren't as hard as you may think. For your garden to grow fresh herbs and vegetables it really only takes three basic requirements.

Growing a hydroponic garden is one of the best ways to grow lush herbs, flowers and other plants in the comfort of your home. With just a little effort you can grow the very best plants in small spaces in a self contained unit. Click on the picture to learn about this hydroponic unit on Amazon.

Choose Your Hydro Tank / Nutrient Supply

To begin, make sure that roots have adequate water and nutrients to supply all of the plant's biological processes.

Next, the roots and the nutrient supply need to maintain an exchange of air between the two. Lastly, watch for roots becoming dehydrated. If the roots are dehydrated water nor nutrients are supplied to the plant. After you make the decision to start your hydroponic garden you will need to round up a watertight container, the medium that the plants will be grown in and a way to hold the plants in the medium.

A floating piece of styrofoam with holes cut out for the plants can even be sufficient to start your grow.

Choosing Lights

Once you have your basic setup you will need to choose the grow lights for your project. Pick a fixture that will be able to be within a foot of the plants to provide adequate light. Plants need a full spectrum of light to recreate the effects of the sun, so choose a bulb that fits that requirement.

Finding Hydro-Ready Plants

Finally you will want to pick your plants to grow. Look for plants that are similar in temperature, nutrient and light requirements so you will not need to have different setups for different plant requirements. In only one day you can have your very own hydroponic garden up and growing to give you fresh herbs, flowers and vegetables year round. Put a hydroponic unit on your kitchen counter and grow fresh produce to cook with all year long.

If you want to get started right out of the box we recommend a ready made system such as the black bucket hydroponic system available at